How IT Plays In Bible Translation Works

We were there in 2006 when he and his friend were in the class with the translators. They were working on back translation from one of the books that they were translating in Jiru language, Andowa’s heart language. We saw how Larry and Linda tried to get the correct and natural translation in Jiru through back translation process.

Now, we can see how technology plays important roles in Bible Translation works all around the world.

Halfway around the world in Arlington, Texas, Wycliffe translation advisor Linda Jones will get up tomorrow morning, sync up her computer, and read the draft that Andowa has revised. She’ll check to make sure the meaning hasn’t been altered and send back suggestions for the next round of discussion.

This is how the final revisions are being made to the Jiru New Testament. It’s all possible because a new geostationary satellite began circling the equator in early 2009. Just two weeks after it went into service, IT specialists from Wycliffe’s Seed Company brought a computer and a small satellite device to the village, showed Andowa how to connect to the satellite, and taught him to use OurWord—the special software for mother tongue translators created by Wycliffe staffer John Wimbish.

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Linda has been working long distance with Andowa since 17 years ago. And God truly bless their works so that the people of Jiru will have God’s word in their language, so that they will worship Him with all their heart. 

There is nothing is impossible for our Mighty God, no matter where they live, as hard as it can be reached, God always has a way to reach them just because He also loves them and wants them to hear His love message and draws them to Him and His heart.