Worth More Than Many Carrots

From our latest newsletter:

A few years ago during a visit to a translation project in SouthEast Asia our group went for a walk outside of town to share portions of Scripture that had been translated into a few of the local languages. We set out early in search of people working in their fields. After walking for about five hours, we came upon anold lady, her husband and daughter working in their field. 

Our host began talking to her in the national language and some in her language. Then he handed her a copy of the Gospel of Mark in her own language.

She took it and as she flipped through the book her eyes lit up and a big grin spread over her face. She showed it to her husband and daughter. The dear lady got so excited!She began talking excitedly to our host, and it became clear that she wanted to give us something in exchange for the book.

 She started pulling up carrots from her garden and stuffing them in a sack. She pulled up ten or so carrots, and our host said, "It’s enough." She continued pulling up carrots, twenty, thirty or more.All the while our host was still saying, "It’s enough! It’s plenty!" 

The lady still wanted to give us more.Finally, our host got through to her and she settled with giving us about 20 pounds of carrots, maybe more.

 After we returned to the town and sat down to our evening meal (with carrots, of course) I reflected on how enthusiastic and thankful this lady was.She readily gave up the fruit of her hard work, the source of her income and maybe even the food from her table to be able to have God’s Word in her own language, even just one book.

The joy and excitement of this kind of moment is one of the reasons why we desire to serve with Wycliffe in South East Asia. To be part of the moment when people get Scripture for the first time is humbling and priceless.

 How much is it worth to have God’s Word in your language? More than many, many carrots?