An Awesome Update

We would like share something AWESOME that God has been doing in our lives!!! (It’s a short update news from us ^_^)

On Monday (April 27), we received a notification letter from USCIS said that, “… it is a welcome letter. Your permanent residence has been approved. You will receive the card within 3 weeks. Welcome to United States…” That means… I am a permanent residence and I got my green card for 2 years, then can renew it for 10 years green card after that.

Praise GOD for making this happened and easy for us. No interview (the one that we were worry about) and don’t have to wait more than 1-5 years like others told us. Isn’t that amazing and wonderful God’s blessing and plan in our life?

I admit that I was so worry about it and I was a fool, now I rejoice for trusting God in this process. He teaches me a lot about trusting him.

Thank you so very much for supporting us in prayers, word of encouragement and finance. GOD bless you all!